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Cookies policy

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your browser when you visit almost any website. Its usefulness is that the web is able to remember your visit when I return to browse this page. Cookies often store technical information, personal preferences, personalization of content, usage statistics, links to social networks, access to user accounts, etc. The purpose of the cookie is to adapt the content of the web to their profile and needs, cookies without the services offered by any page be diminished significantly. For more information on what are cookies, which are stored as you remove, disable ...

Cookies used on this website

Following the guidelines of the Spanish Data Protection Agency we detail the use of cookies does this web in order to report as accurately as possible.

This site uses cookies themselves the following:

Session cookies to ensure that users who write comments on the blog are human and not automated applications. Thus combat spam.
This website uses the following third-party cookies:

Google Analytics stores cookies to compile statistics on the volume of traffic and visitors of this website. By using this web site you are consenting to the processing of data about you by Google. Therefore, the exercise of any rights in this respect should make communicating directly with Google.
Social networks: Each social network uses its own cookies to you click on buttons type Like or Share.

Cookies and personalization techniques: identification and authentication, navigation, interface customization, favorites ...
These cookies are used to identify the user during the session, preventing the user from having to repeat authentication processes on the web, accelerate some processes of the website to remember choices made during the session or in subsequent accesses, visited pages and remember, etc.
Cookies Propósito Duración Gestión
User Identification They are used to identify and authenticate the user. It also contains technical data such as user session timeout connection, session ID, etc. Session  own
Session ID Http identifies the user session. It is common in all Web applications to identify a user requests for a session. Session  own
Navigational status Identifies what state the user navigation (beginning of the session, first page, first access state of a scroll, voting status, etc.) you are. Session  own
User selections Store session values selected by the user, as the store, language, currency, products, size, etc. Session  own
Favorites and last selections To remind the user's favorite selections (shopping, for example) or the last selections (shops, products, consent to the installation of cookies, etc) in subsequent access to the web. Persistentes own
Shopping basket Minicistell store information about the purchase as well as the user identification data associated with this basket. Session  own
protocols It lets you manage and change between domain (protocol) secure (https) not sure (http) Session  own


Cookies navigation analysis
These cookies get genetic information about user access on the web site (not its contents) to provide further information of these accesses aggregate statistical purposes.
Cookies Propósito Duración Gestión
Procedencia WC_GASource It is used to see where a user to reach a page of this web site, for example if it reaches the product detail page from a grid of products, from the browser or from an external page. persistent Propias
Google Analytics (__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz...)

Allow to track the website by Google Analytics tool, which is a service provided by Google to obtain information on user access to websites. Some of the data are stored for further analysis: number of times a user views the Web, dates of first and last visit of the user, duration of visits, from which page the user accessed on the web, which engine search the user to get used to the Web or link goes click, from where in the world the user agreed, etc.

The configuration of these cookies is predetermined by the service offered by Google, so we suggest you consult the privacy page of Google Analytics, http://www.google.com/intl/es/analytics/privacyoverview.html to for more information about the cookies we use and how to disable (considering we are not responsible for the content or the accuracy of third party websites).

persistent Propias
Tag conversión Newsletter (en relación con "Cookie campaña Newsletter")

This tag is present in the order confirmation page is used only if the user is subscribed to the newsletter and website have stored cookie in a given campaign, the name of which begin with the Tag in connection with the "Cookie Newsletter campaign" to analyze the user's navigation on the website for information on the results of conversion of users to newsletter campaigns. Some of the data used for the analysis are: the user ID information and the cost of the order placed, associated with the campaign newsletter that comes this person. The configuration of the tag and associated cookies is predetermined by the service offered by our service provider.

persistent De tercero
Dispositivo origen (WC_ItxSource)

It is used to find the source device from which the order was made, for example, to differentiate between orders placed from the devices available in physical stores of other orders.

persistent Propias

Grid display mode (2 columns or 4 columns).

persistent Propias

Cookies purchase analysis
These cookies collect information on the device from which the purchase on this website, is to verify that these operations offer sufficient safeguards for customers. These cookies do not include at any time sensitive information, such as data cards.
Cookies Propósito Duración Gestión
Dispositivo de compra (thx_guid)

Uniquely identifies the device (PC, telephone, etc.) from where purchases are made on this website for further analysis, in order to offer our clients sufficient guarantees in purchase transactions. The information contained in this cookie picks an outside company to do these analyzes.

persistent De tercero

Disabling or removing cookies

At any time you may exercise your right to disable or delete cookies from this website. These actions are performed differently depending on the browser you are using.

Additional Notes

Neither this website nor their legal representatives are responsible for the content or the veracity of the privacy policies of third parties that may be mentioned in this cookie policy.
Web browsers are responsible for storing tools and cookies from this place to do their right to removal or disabling them. Neither this website nor their legal representatives can ensure the proper or improper handling of cookies by those browsers.
In some cases you need to install the browser cookies to remember your decision not to accept them.
In the case of cookies from Google Analytics, the company stores cookies on servers in the United States and agree not to share it with others, except where necessary for system operation or when required by law to this purpose. As Google does not store your IP address. Google Inc. is a company attached to the Safe Harbor Agreement ensures that all data transferred will be treated with a level of protection under European legislation. You can view detailed information on this link. For information about the use of cookies Google gives you attach this other link.
Pera any questions or concerns about this policy cookies do not hesitate to contact us through the contact section.